...aka how it begun

 The ESA team has been estabilished some day in 1994, when Tuleby (aka Saisoft in these times) bought Didaktik Kompakt computer. He ordered SQ-Tracker from Proxima, the software distributor for ZX Spectrum in CZ and he asked me (Factor6) to make some tunes in it, because I had an Amiga and did music on it. The SQ-Tracker wasn't too good for me, but I got used it in a couple of months, made some tunes, gave 'em to Tuleby, who finished gfx and code and our first
speccy demo - Jokes Demo - was out. Nothing special, low quality musics, scroller and couple of pictures.

In the very same year, some day in autumn, we had a trip to Mlada Boleslav city together with Ninjican, looking for Scalex, a musician from Proxima. We knew about him only from ZX Magazine - that he lives somewhere in Ptacka street and that was all. After our arrival to MB we managed to find Scalex's house. Ptacka street is really long, we were looking for it for about one hour, but finally we found it. He wasn't at home, so we decided to find home of Flaska brothers (NOP), authors of those genial programs from Nesoutez (Noncompetition) in ZXMag. They were really amazed by our visit - foreign Spectrists. They invited us to come in and it was the start of our shockings. They told us that Universum from Proxima could come to Scalex that day, so that was the reason why he wasn't at home probably. Tuleby remembered some guy from bus and now we found out it was Universum (!). He was travelling by the same bus as we and he probably found out from our discussion about Speccy that we are travelling to Scalex. At the MB bus station told it to Scalex and they disappeared somewhere in a city before us - the aliens :) You can read about that in ZXMag no.5/94 (I'm not sure about issue). Flaska bros shocked us by cool polish demos like Shock or LSD and mainly by their parts of MQM5 megademo, which wasn't finished those days, yet. I managed to sell my Amiga because I was totally shocked of this Speccy demo show. We agreed to have another visit in MB and came back home.

We visited NOP about two times and every time we came home with kilobytes of new demos and other suff. Some day in this decade Tuleby managed to make similar megademo like MQM5, which should fill all disk capacity of D80 disk - 720kB. It's name was SMASH. There was a couple of smaller demos in that time, like Flaska Demo or 2 Unlimited Minidemo.

Working in Smash took 2 years, because of Tuleby went to a military service. He was partly changed by Cri-Cri as our alternate coder, but he did only a few parts. Tuleby started to swap with ZIP of Mega (Schiva/5 Samyc nowadays). In 1996 there was the first visit in Zabreh Na Morave city, we met Schiva, Dron/K3L and Bell/K3L. We were shocked second time by 128 demos. Cool! Now I realized that Speccy is not dead! After this was released small demo Desert Dream (with music from Amiga). Cri-Cri left ESA this year and started to program on PeeCee.
And here's year 1997 with the first Doxycon. The idea was estabilished on spring Speccy meeting in Prague - UmCon'97. Here we presented logical game Axis, controlled by Amiga mouse only. Then we released small Dizzy like game - Piggy. There weren't much ppl on Doxycon'97, but I think it was good start.
One year after, in 1998 was released our next game - Twister Fruit Machine, this time on Doxycon 98. This Doxycon was the best. Over 50 speccy people was a record here in CZ. There were some compos, came slovak spectrists, simply cool party. ESA was at third place with their demo The Last 48.

In 1999 wasn't so big mood to make another party, although Doxycon 99 was held in Stare Splavy - small city near Doksy. ESA contributed to compo with their fast made intro Zoooooom. Special thanx to Shimi, who ensured practically everything ensurable. Once again, thanks Michal! On DC99 we got acquainted with Omega's brother Jackson Hollis, the nightmare of every Spectrist :) Here was also released Boovie 2 - the second part of nice game by KVL team.

Because of Tuleby's inactivity on the scene I managed to leave ESA at the end of 1999 and I joined K3L Corporation in the beginning of 2000. The ESA team is not really dead. it's only slowed down to minimum and I must say, who cares? Tuleby has still his one and only computer at home - Didaktik Kompakt, Shimi is also still Speccy freak. Me too, so I must only say... Speccy forever !!!



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